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Ladies.....Tom is back trolling on the internet dating sites
He says he values "Honesty and Transparency" in his online ads.  
That from the man who lies and hides his psychotic past
He is using the name Wolftom66 on the dating web sites
He also uses the e-mail
He also uses the e-mail

First - Lets start with one very simple truth: 

Any man who commits any act of violence against a woman is not mentally normal and is a bully and a coward!

January 10, 2013 - Case # 2012034240                       

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation has found Tom
Walter Wolf aka Tom Walter Tempfer of Longwood / Oviedo Florida GUILTY of violating Florida Statue 455.227 (1) (t) for failing to report to the Real Estate Board his being found guilty of physically battering his former girlfriend in June of 2011. The Board determined that he willfully and intentionally with held his conviction from the board in order to hide his criminal past from the public.

This is just another example of the sheer arrogance and disrespect that Tom W. Wolf shows for the rule of law. He knew he had to do this but he intentionally didn't because he didn't want the battery conviction and likely his whole criminal past linked to his new name and identity. He probably figured that he would get away with it like he has with so many other things in his life. He was fined, ordered to get retraining and most importantly, his Real Estate license has been put on probation. This is good in light of the fact that the Department of Professional Regulation is now investigating other charges against him. Hopefully that will result in the revocation of his license.

September 2013
 Update: The bank holding Tom's mortgage has finally put a stop to his stalling tactics and has filed to foreclose. This means that the $2,000 every month that Tom has been putting in his pocket rather than paying his mortgage for nearly 3 years is about to stop. Tom has the morals and ethics of a common criminal. In an interesting twist, Tom has asked the court for an extension. This after he hasn't made a payment in 3 years. Really Tom?
 It is a well known fact that Tom,  has been renting out his house in Oviedo to UCF students and has been collecting rent for several years from his tenants and yet stopped paying his mortgage well over 3 years ago and is just pocketing the money. Not only is this unethical and immoral but very unprofessional as well. He currently is being investigated by the authorities and hopefully that will result in more charges being brought against Tom. It is also believed that Tom has not declared the $24000 he receives yearly in rent on his taxes. This man is morally and ethically bankrupt!

And in an other update, On January 29, 2013, Tom opened up yet another new community management company called RELIABLE ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT INC. and it is based out of the home he is renting at 740 Georgia Avenue in Longwood, Fl. He has no city license on file so it appears he is operating illegally at the moment out of his house. Gee .... no surprise here that he is violating the law again. Why is this man running multiple management companies under different names?

For a realtor and a licensed community association manager to intentionally hide his violent and quite frankly, dishonest criminal past is troubling at best. What's worse is that Tom Wolf's actions speak of open contempt for playing by the same rules as the rest of us.
When you want to ask people to handle their financial assets you've got to have enough respect for the law and the rules to set an example for the community by living by them yourself.

Incident Date
Disposition Date
Discipline Date
Licensed Activity
Final Order
Licensed Activity
Final Order
Licensed Activity
Final Order

Case#  2012034240 SLM  Thomas Wolf a/k/a Thomas Tempfer    Oviedo  

Here is his story:  

Thomas Walter Tempfer DOB 2/22/1953
Died 4/2011
Thomas (Tom) Walter Wolf DOB 2/22/1953
Born 4/2011

Thomas ( Tom ) Walter Wolf is really Tom Walter Tempfer - convicted abuser and a man with a documented trail of violence and lies.

He can be a very charming man and he is very good at being your friend
But he is still nothing but a con man
"The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior"

Did you know that Thomas (Tom) Walter Wolf  was born in April 2011?

Prior to that date he was know as Thomas (Tom) Walter Tempfer for the first 57 years of his life.

As you read on, you will quickly understand why he wanted so badly to hide Tom Walter Tempfer and become Tom Walter Wolf – owner of Reliable Association Management of Longwood, Fl. and partner at SAMROZ, LLC.  Property Management & Consulting Company of Orlando,Fla and partner at Extreme Traffic LLC.

Everything thing on this site is backed up by documentation of some kind. Either police reports, e-mails with the IP header, recorded voice mails, arrest reports or other printed documentation. Absolutely nothing is made up and everything is 100% verifiable. We don't make or publish outlandish lies or make up things just to sensationalize this site.
Did you know that it is an absolute, undeniable fact that if you were to run a background check of any kind on Tom Walter Wolf without his fingerprints that it would come back showing him as pure and clean as the freshly driven snow. Not so much as a blemish, not even a parking ticket. You would think to yourself that this guy is alright, no issues to worry about, we can believe everything he says but, you would be wrong, very wrong.

When confronted with the facts, Tom simply denies it all happened or says it is all lies depending upon how gullible he thinks you are.

Seriously Tom?
His motto "Lie and Deny"
  • You would not have clue about this man's sick and twisted past of lies, dishonesty, violence, and bizarre threats to sexually assault and kill people. 
  • You would not know that Tom has been arrested several times recently for violent physical acts towards women.
  • You would not know that Tom was arrested as recently as 2011 for defying a Seminole County Judge's court order to stay away from a woman who had a restraining order against him for domestic violence and he spent 9 days in the Orange County jail for this.
  • You would not know that since 2010 there have been 3 different people who have applied for restraining orders against Tom for physical violence or for violent threats that Tom has issued against them or their families. Two of these occurred in Orange County and one in Seminole County Florida all under his Tom Tempfer name.
  • You would not know that Tom was found guilty in June 2011 of physically assaulting his now former girl friend. Tom plead no contest to the charge which means yea...I did it but I'm not going to admit it. What a coward !!! Couldn't even man up and admit he did it. He is in total denial mode all the time.
  • You would not know that he was fired in 2010 from Premier Community Managers for claiming to have a college degree in Economics. This was a gross betrayal of trust – not only to the clients that he represented but also to the company that let him work under their license. Also, falsely claiming to have attended a College and claiming to have earned a degree are both crimes in the State of Florida. Tom boasted proudly about this fake accomplishment on the company web site for months and to clients until he was exposed as a fraud
  • You would not know of the nonexistent jobs that he has falsely claimed to have worked at on some of his recent resume's we found on line.
  • You would not know that Tom in just the past few years has been arrested for battery on 2 different women (both half his size), assault, felony witness tampering, and for violating a Judge's direct court order to stay away from a woman who he had previously been arrested for physically assaulting and threatening to kill. Police had also recommended that he be arrested for felony "Aggravated Stalking with a Criminal Intent" in 2010 for threatening a couple with violence. We also have a report of him saying he was going to kill a man's wife.
  • You would not know that in 2011 alone, Tom was arrested 3 different times. Twice in Seminole County and once in Orange County.
  • You would not know that in June of 2011, Tom stood in front of a Seminole County Judge while under oath and lied to her face when asked what his name was. He replied Tom Tempfer instead of Tom Wolf, his new name which had become effective 2 months before because he did not want his conviction connected with his new identity of Tom Wolf.
  • You would not know about his anger management issues and his problems with alcohol abuse as documented under oath in a sworn affidavit and in open court by his former live in girlfriend of over a year. She is no longer with Tom.
  • You would not know that as recently as 2010, Tom boasted on his facebook page that he has absolutely no respect for the law, is anti social and dislikes people. Who brags about something like that anyway - a sociopath?
  • You would not know that he was found guilty of
    deliberately withholding information about a criminal conviction from the Florida Real Estate Commission and had his license placed on probation in January 2013 and was also fined.

Tom Walter Wolf alais Tom Walter Tempfer 
Background & Experience

  • Multiple arrests for battery on different women
  • Arrest for felony witness tampering
  • Arrest for assault for threatening to kill his fiancee
  • Arrest for violating a court ordered restraining order
  • Spending 9 days in jail in 2011 for violating a Judges order
  • Police reports detailing threats to sexually assault another person
  • Police reports detailing threats to kill another man and his wife
  • Legally documented cases of psychotic rage
  • Leaving sick, deranged phone threats
  • Lied to Judge under oath on 6/6/2011 in Seminole County Court about real name
  • Falsifying to employer and clients his educational credentials
  • Failure to report to RE Board for 2011 battery conviction resulting
  • in current state charges filed 10/2012
  • Unpaid debt and liens for over $18,000 – see Orange County Comptroller web    site
  • Real Estate license placed on probation January 2013.

Need we say more

A little while ago, we received an e-mail from a man who had found out Tom Wolf's true identity and confronted him with the information. He said Tom initially hemmed and hawed before finally admitting that he was Tom Tempfer. When asked why he changed his name and then hid the fact, he said that Tom immediately got angry and went into defensive mode and blamed it on people that were creating false and vicious lies about him on the internet to destroy his reputation. Seriously...... this was the only site up about him and we only publish the known facts and truths about him. Do police reports and courts documents lie? Can you just imagine what we don't know about what he has done? Legal statistics say that people only get caught for about 10% of what they do. Statistics also say that approximately 90% of abused women never report it. When asked about his 2 domestic violence arrests, he said and this is a supposed quote from him “those cu*ts were both out to get me. The bitch's lied to the police”. Really Tom? And the surprising part here is that he had been living with one of the women for a year in her house and she had told everyone that they were engaged. Tom also denied to the man that he claimed to have a Bachelor's Degree while at Premier Community Managers. The man went on to say that Tom's denial performance was academy award worthy the way he ranted and raved about how others are jealous of him and out to get him. We believe Tom is a classic example of a pathological liar.

Tom apparently lives in a place called “Tom's World” where you can testify under oath and just say anything in everyday life and people will believe you. This would easily explain why he lied under oath to 2 different Seminole County Judges in 2011. Once in April when he lied to get his name change sealed and again in June when he lied to keep his arrests and conviction from attaching to his new name. He simply can't accept responsibility for anything. Everything is someone else s fault.

Interesting Thing to Ponder...............
We periodically receive e-mails from women who have confronted Tom about the issues published here. His response has always been to either deny everything or claim that it is all nothing but lies that people have made up to smear him (conspiracy anybody?) One lady wrote that he "professed" his innocence and she believed him. Seriously lady? Of course he is convincing. He has had a lifetime of practice. He is a professional liar. He is a pathological liar. Tom has earned the reputation he has now. 

This is seriously creepy !!!!
Convicted wife murdered
Drew Peterson

Convicted girlfriend batterer
Tom Wolf
These two guys almost look like twins 

Only one year apart in age 

Drew Peterson
Tom Wolf alias Tom Tempfer

They both have that evil stare 

That empty look in their eyes

On the creepy meter this has to
rate a 10


If you were a woman who was getting into a relationship with Tom Wolf and you didn't see this site, you could very well be putting yourself in danger because you wouldn't know of Tom's psychological issues, pathological lying and his violent tendencies and rage. You also wouldn't know about his uncontrolled psychotic outbursts or the sick and twisted things that run through his mind. 


Lets start by looking at some very disturbing facts about Tom W. Wolf that every single person should be made aware of.


  Now, people change their names for several reasons..............

  • They get married or divorced
  • They enter the "witness protection program
  • They want a new name for Hollywood stardom
  • They are trying to hide something in their past
Check out what the new Thomas Walter Wolf of Longwood - Orlando - Oviedo Fl. is trying to hide.

Thomas (Tom) Walter Tempfer alias Thomas (Tom) Walter Wolf

"I can’t understand abusive men and I have no respect for them. They are a tiny step above child abusers and should be punished almost as harshly."
      Mother Theresa

Three different police reports from 3 different women who didn't know each other in the past few years all alleging violence towards them by Tom W. Wolf and this cowardly man says people are making up things about him to discredit him?  

How can you possibly spin that? 




Now lets look at all of the 100% indisputable -irreputable FACTS
and nothing but the FACTS that Tom claims are lies. 

 Please remember that everything presented here is backed up by police reports, court reports, correspondence with former employers, co workers and people who knew him, e-mails with his IP address in them and voice mails with his actual voice. We will also provide you with any proof that you request. Contact us at

  • Tom has been arrested twice for assaulting 2 different women. One in Oviedo and one in Longwood  *** Proof - Seminole County Florida Clerk of Court web site. (case # 592007MM005139A and 592011CF000039A) - May of 2007 & January of 2011 
  •  Tom has been arrested for violating conditions of release on bail. *** Proof - Seminole County Florida Clerk of Court web site. ( case # 592011MM001846A) - 2011
  • Tom spent 9 days in the Orange County Jail for violating the conditions of his previous arrest. (jailed from 2/14/2011 thru 2/23/2011) He was finally released by the Judge after having to post another $1,000 bond.  *** Proof - Orange County, Florida Jail Records. Booking # 111251900 - 2011  
  •  At least 3 people have tried to get protective orders from a Judge against Tom for threats of violence against them in the past 2 years. ***Proof - Orange County Clerk of Court web site and Seminole County Clerk of the Court web site  January of 2010 & January & April of 2011  

  •  Tom committed fraud by lying about his education claiming to have attended Union College and to have graduated with degree in accounting. Both acts are a crime in the State of Florida *** Proof - Was posted on the Premier Community Managers web site. (since removed but posted on this site) - They fired him.  2010
  •  Tom threatened to anally and orally rape another man *** Proof - e-mail from Tom with his IP address in the header and phone threat. Documented by Maitland Police Department. (will post shortly - extremely vulgar ) 2010
  •  Tom threatened to sexually mutilate and kill another man with a red hot coke bottle. *** Proof - e-mail with his IP address in header and actual recorded phone threat from him. Documented by Maitland Police Department. (very disturbing ) 2010  **Phone threat to be posted shortly on this site.
  •  Maitland Police recommended to Orange County State Attorney that Tom be charged with "aggravated stalking with criminal intent" a felony for threatening to sexually assault and kill a couple *** Proof - Report from Maitland, Florida Police Department. January 2010. (Case # 2010-000557 ) 
  •  Tom threatened to harm another man's wife. *** Proof - e-mail with his IP address in header. (will provide upon request) 2010
  •  Tom lies on his resumes. *** Proof - his latest resume on-line leaves off the fact that he was fired from his past 2 jobs. (removed on-line on 5/2011 but posted on this site)
  •  Tom has no respect for women whatsoever. *** Proof - his constant use of the words bitch, slut and cu*t when he refers to women in e-mails, voice mails and even court documents. Also the fact that he has been arrested twice for battering 2 different women.  (The facts speak for themselves) 
  •  Tom is a  very violent man. *** Proof - 2 arrests in 3 years for battery on women and threats to rape, sexually mutilate and kill other people. All documented in court records, e-mails, police reports and recorded phone calls. (Nothing but the facts - nothing made up) 
  • Tom feels absolutely no remorse or guilt for hurting others. *** Proof - the fact that he has continued time after time after time to threaten, abuse and harm others. (this goes back as far as we can find)
  •  Tom has a substance abuse issue. *** Proof - Sworn testimony from his live in girlfriend of 1 year that he has severe alcohol abuse issues. (copy of sworn statement on this site from 2011 court testimony ) 

  • Tom has uncontrollable psychotic episodes. *** Proof - His bizarre threats to rape, mutilate and kill others along with the sworn testimony of his live in girlfriend of 1 year that he has severe anger management issues. (Again - the facts speak for themselves) 
  •   Tom will probably attack someone else again. *** Proof - It is a 100% fact that men that are verbally and physically abusive towards women will never stop on their own unless they are in jail or get serious mental help and medication. 
    At the end of the day if it doesn't pass the smell test ......
  1. If it looks like a duck...........

    If it walks like a duck...........

    If it quacks like a duck.........

    Must be a duck!  

    This is the case in Seminole County, Fl. where Tom convinced a Judge to seal his name change so that the public couldn't see that he was really Thomas Walter Tempfer.
     Case # 11-dr-611-05n-1 - Seminole County Court - April 2011

    Tom Wolf convinced a fairly new Seminole County Judge that people were publishing lies about him and he needed to hide his new name in order to protect his sterling reputation. 

     Seriously?  Abuser - Fraud Artist - Psychotic Personality -Liar - Threats to rape - sexually mutilate and kill and that's a sterling reputation?

    Thomas Wolf can give his lying explanations, he can make excuses, he can say people are making things up but, at the end of the day he can't explain away the truth and all of the documentation to back up everything said about him.   One lie - forgivable; two lies -  better watch out;  three or more and you have a history- a pattern which is extremely hard to rebut.     
     One violent threat or action and maybe your just a jerk - 2 violent threats and one needs to be extremely concerned - three or more and you are indeed a violent predator 

    Thomas Walter Wolf's Hall of Shame

    Tom's 2007 Arrest for "Domestic Violence"


    Tom's 2011 Arrest for "Domestic Violence"


    Tom's 2011 Arrest in Orange County

    Another arrest in 2011 Seminole County







    Tom Wolf has never shown any remorse for any of his crimes and it is unlikely that you will ever hear him apologize to anybody

    Shame on you Tom Wolf for never admitting what you did was wrong and for trying to make others believe it never happened



    Perhaps I should give you a little background on my husband and I. We are both in the legal profession but in very different fields. My occupation puts me in direct contact with abused and battered women on a frequent basis and that is the main reason why this is so personal for me. I see the whole gauntlet, from just a simple, one time fight that gets out of control to the serial abuser and I know all of the signs and symptoms. I get a very visceral response inside myself whenever I am involved in a situation where a man physically hits a women, especially when there is a vast difference in their physical size. Personally, there is no excuse on this planet for a man abusing a woman......NONE!!!!

    We actually run 5 different web sites about men whom we consider a hidden danger like Tom Wolf. Most men who abuse and are dangerous to women are pretty apparent on the surface and if a woman still chooses to get involved with them then there isn't much you can do. Then there are men like Tom Wolf who we occasionally run across who appear charming, charismatic and so likeable and believable on the surface but harbor an extreme dislike and hatred of women deep inside themselves. These are the men that do whatever they have to do to suppress or hide their violent past so that they can't be found out using a simple Google search or even a criminal background check without fingerprints. These are the men we highlight on our web sites. They are the ones who can fool even the smartest and most cautious of women. They are the master manipulators, the ones who know exactly how to mirror and become the man you are seeking without missing a beat. These are the men that we believe are the most evil and dangerous of all. They will suck the life out of you to feed and satisfy their narcissist needs. Once these men get you hooked then they own you. You will throw common sense and logic to the wind and defend them to the end no matter what they do to you or others. You will even lie to protect them. I see it happen most every day.

    Most all of these men never change and if they do it is only after years of therapy and a desire to change. They will tell you they have changed, they will tell you anything to get you to believe them. As women, we want to believe the best in people, we want to believe that all people are good but the reality is that there are a lot of bad people out there just waiting for their next victim.

    The 5 web sites are run by my husband and myself along with the help of 2 other people. We used my husbands e-mail to set up the accounts years ago and use the account for all correspondence. It has nothing to do with me not having my own e-mail but more to do with security. The name Charles Conner is a pseudonym for our protection. You would understand that more if you were in our profession.

    We are not trying to discourage or encourage anyone in any way from having a relationship with Tom Wolf aka Tom Tempfer, personal or professional wise. All we do is present the facts and let you make an informed decision. The facts are the facts. You can twist them, manipulate them, brush over them, recolor them, ignore them or anything you want to do with them but at the end of the day they are 100% true and they are 100% factual. People know that smoking is deadly yet everyday millions pay $5 or more a pack just to destroy their health and shorten their lives. The same could be said for drugs and so on. God gave us free will to make our own decisions.

    You have the information and what you choose to do with it is your choice. We have done our job. We have the e-mails from countless women thanking us for maintaining our web sites and also the e-mails from countless women validating everything that we say about these men. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink.

    When people with sociopathic and anti social tendencies like Tom Wolf get exposed by others for who they are and what they are, the first thing they do is try to attack the person that exposed them. Their goal is to protect their personal persona - protect their real personality from being exposed and nothing will get in their way. They will say and do anything they can to try to discredit, destroy the credibility of or silence the person that exposed them. This includes making up lies and denying things they have done even though there is clear and convincing proof and evidence of what they did. They sometimes try to get the people that exposed them to back off by frightening them through intimidation or terror. Multiple mental health experts have heard and read Tom's rantings and history and they all concur 100% that he has major serious mental issues so we rest our case. 
    When a "Sociopath" like Tom Wolf gets trapped for example like when Tom was exposed for stealing another man's college credentials. Here he was caught as they say "red handed". He had the smoking gun in his hand.  There was no way out.
    The first question people ask is how could such an intelligent man do something so stupid? Couldn't he have predicted that he would have been caught? The simple answer is that he couldn't because he doesn't believe that the laws that apply to common mortals apply to him also; that he is above the law.
    Therefor, his first impulse is to deny that he did anything at all and if forced to confront the evidence against him, to assert that even if he did it - so what? The sociopath doesn't realize the impact his actions have on others and simply doesn't care either. Tom cares about no one but himself.

    "Sociopaths are not insane, as they are aware of their actions and the consequences"

    The State of Florida vs Thomas Walter Tempfer aka Thomas Walter Wolf
    Case # 592011CF000039A
    Seminole County Florida

    On June 6, 2011, Tom W. Wolf aka Tom W. Tempfer of Orlando Florida plead no contest to domestic violence battery in exchange for the state dropping the assault charge and the more serious felony witness tampering charge. The Judge stated that the Court found a factual basis for the charge of domestic battery (which is the physical assaulting of another person). 

    Tom was fined $615 in costs and ordered to complete an "Anger Management" course within 120 days.  

    A defendant who pleads nolo contendere submits for a judgment fixing a fine or sentence the same as if he or she had pleaded guilty.

    A no-contest plea, while not technically a guilty plea, has the same immediate effect as a guilty plea, and is often offered as a part of a plea bargain.

    If you listen to the court transcripts during his pending trial in June of 2011 for physically battering and threatening to kill his former girlfriend, Tom is still pleading not guilty up to the minute that they are getting ready to pick a jury. Then it appears that in the face of overwhelming evidence and the prospect of some very serious jail time if he was convicted by a jury (and that appeared very likely), he took the cowards way out. Rather than being a real man and stepping up and admitting responsibility and apologizing for hitting a woman half his size, Tom plead no contest. The man is arrogant and remorseless. 
    Now everyone knows that pleading no contest means........yes, I did it but I'm not a big enough person to actually take responsibility for my crime. It means that I know there is enough evidence to convict me and so I won't contest it although I also won't be a decent enough person to actually admit I did it and apologize to the woman. The Judge then said that based on the evidence that she found that he did in fact physically assault his former girlfriend and she found him guilty of the crime. In exchange for his plea, the State Attorney dropped the more serious charge of witness tampering which could have sent him away for 5 years. In a stroke of luck for Tom, the Judge withholds adjudication so that he can continue to sell Real Estate. Had she not (which we believe she shouldn't have), Tom would have lost his Real Estate license and the public would be safe from his dishonesty and lack of morals.

    Tom Wolf is a coward ! This is his second arrest for physically battering a woman. Both women were half of his body weight. Any man that hits a woman is a bully and a coward. Tom Wolf is incapable of being a decent person and taking responsibility for his actions. Just like when he was caught and exposed for claiming to have a College Degree. He immediately tries to spin it. He simply can't admit that he was wrong. He has to try to brush off or explain away all of his criminal, psychotic and unethical actions. That is a major trait in a psychopathic personality. Tom Walter Wolf is a classic example of a morally and ethically bankrupt individual.
    We are sure that Tom will now claim to everyone that he is not guilty because the Judge gave him a break by withholding adjudication. 

    We believe that everything posted on this blog is either backed up by publicly available documentation or is opinion which is based upon the legal definition of a "reasonable person". That is if any reasonable, normal, average person read the presented documentation or proof then what would they believe to be true and accurate based upon their reading of the presented proof. A good example of this is if a man sadistically attacks others then one could and would make the assumption that he is a sadistic person. Another example would be a man who was arrested twice within a few years for physically battering 2 different woman. A reasonable person could and would make the assumption that this is a man who has serious mental issues and is a coward because he batters women. Or, a man who continually lies about most everything one would assume to be a pathological liar. Or a man who has psychotic episodes where he lashes out and attacks others physically and verbally then one could and would make the assumption that the man is psychotic.We could go on but, you get the point we hope.

    We can and will provide documentation that supports every single accusation that we have published or made.

    This site is not meant to be pretty or nice. It talks about a man who we believe to be a dangerous man based upon his past and present violence toward others. That includes men as well as women. We pull no punches and make no apologies. This site is designed to hopefully get your attention.

    We believe that the people of Central Florida - especially the women have a right to know about this man and the danger he poses to them if they make him angry and so we consider presenting this web site as a public service. Any man who says he is going to rape, sexually mutilate or murder another individual is a danger to this community period! It doesn't get any simpler.

    To be continued................

    This web site is brought to you by concerned citizens of Central Florida

    You may contact us at

    Any communications will be held in the strictest confidence

    We will answer all e-mails as quickly as possible but please be patient